Mixed trade for sheep breeding sales

All of a sudden it seems to be going dark earlier and earlier. I’ve been locking up the poultry at 7pm these past couple of nights.

The pigmy goats have been confined to the tup trailer in an attempt to get them to bond. No matter how we try to fence them in together around a nice sheltered shed,  the original one, Kitty, springs over any fence and pings off back to the Suffolk ewes leaving the new kid blarting it’s head off. This wasn’t the plan!
All the cows due to calve have been brought close to home and we’ve had a couple of calves hit the ground this past week. It’s been mild enough, so they’ve had a gentle start to life. I’m still on tenterhooks waiting for my Shorthorn show cow to get on with it, but she’s showing no signs of bagging up.
Sheep breeding sales continue thick and fast with trade very mixed. North Country Cheviot rams equalled last year's centre record of £9000 at Lockerie at the Marts The Heart sale for a shearling from the Linthorpe Farming Partnership who also sold another at £4500.

Lleyn rams topped at 6,000gns at Carlisle for a shearling from Emrys and Dylan Jones' Lluest flock with some other good prices on the day.

Prime lamb trade remains fairly good for the better quality lambs but averages have slipped back as more commercial lambs come to the market. Store lamb prices are still remarkably good given the prime trade.

Fat cattle prices are holding up and there seems a good demand for store cattle in spite of concerns about lack of grass and winter fodder.
Sales coming up this week
  • Thursday, October 4 – Hawes Market will be holding a 'Marts the Heart' sponsored sale of 1,000 Bluefaced Leicester rams and females on behalf of the Bluefaced Leicester sheep society at Hawes Auction Mart 
  • Friday, October 5 – Border Livestock will be holding their annual autumn Kelso racecourse machinery sale at Berwick-upon-Tweed 
  • Saturday, October 6 – Market Drayton will be holding a dispersal sale of Suckler Cows on behalf of B.T. and V.E. Elkin of Dayhills at Market Drayton Livestock Market
  • Tuesday, October 9 – Hereford Market will be hosting a Marts the Hearts sponsored sale of pedigree Hereford cattle on behalf of the Hereford Cattle Society at Hereford Market
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