Not even the rain can put a dampener on these red hot hogg prices!

In what feels like the longest, hardest and most expensive winter ever, there was a slight window of spring, however this blummin' window shut sharpish and the rain made up for lost time..

On the full day of sunshine we had, we optimistically cracked on with spreading fertiliser, ringing lambs' tails and dosing ewes prior to turning out in the fields. Other folk, I notice, have done likewise. Although there is very little grass, there is little in the coffers to pay for feed and bedding.

The bad weather really is taking toll on the stock. Sadly, we lost an old favourite Texel stock tup, who had recently started to show his age and went downwards these past few weeks. This weather isn’t inspiring much to stay alive!

The positive, big story this week is that hogg prices keep going up and up. Where will it end is the question?

A dip in trade could have been expected after Easter, but it has been quite the reverse, with many markets reporting the highest prices ever. A couple of highlights have been hoggs to £200 at Rugby and 402.8p/kg at Skipton. Fewer numbers to market and more sheepmeat going for export will be the main causes to these never experienced before prices.

While not such a spectacular trade, prime cattle are also buoyant, with numbers fairly tight and store cattle are also selling well as buyers look for stock to turnout, if the weather ever improves.

Not many pedigree sales at the moment but Hereford bulls sold to 8,200gns twice at Hereford for Romany 1 Poseidon from J.R.B Wilson and Normanton 1 Perky from T.D. and W.T. Livesey

Sales coming up this week
  • Friday, April 13 – Stephenson and Son will be holding its 15th annual spring rare breeds sale at York Auction Centre
  • Friday,April 13  – McCartneys will be holding a spring show and sale of 35 pedigree Aberdeen-Angus cattle on behalf of the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society at Worcester
  • Saturday, April 14 –  Bradburne Price and Co will be hosting a farm dispersal sale on behalf of G. and N.S. Prance at Manor Farm, Barnston, Wirral 
  • Monday, April 16 – CCM will be holding an Easter show and sale of ewes with lambs at foot  at Skipton Auction Mart


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