Hogg trade continues to fly

Well, what a wet and cold Easter! We had a right set back over the weekend. One of our young bulls, a decent Charolais cross, went off his legs completely and went from bad to worse. We had the vets over a couple of times but they appeared to be at a loss as to what was wrong. We went down a few diagnostic avenues, one of which was treating for white muscle disease, however, he sadly died.  

The lambing shed is full of lambs which should be outside, but there’s little point putting them in poached fields that have little or no grass. It all feels a bit grim at the moment but that’s farming for you. I’m sure when we get a bit of sunshine and things dry up we’ll feel more upbeat.

On a positive note, the piglets are all away. They disgraced themselves in their last week and were confined to barracks after they found their way into next door’s beautifully lawned garden. Fortunately, our neighbours have a good sense of humour and a constant supply of free eggs will hopefully maintain it!

There was a strong trade for South Devons at Exeter, peaking at 9,600gns for the male champion, Z Eyton Trusty 4, from Roden Livestock, Telford, which sold to R.C. Burroughs and Sons, Axminster.

A combination of the Bank Holiday and atrocious weather has meant reduced numbers of primestock in most markets over the last few days which has kept prices up, with hoggs in particular a very strong trade, as numbers tighten. 

The weather does not seem to have put store cattle buyers off too much, with prices remaining buoyant, particularly for younger cattle. 
Sales coming up this week
  • Friday, April 6 - Pentland Livestock is holding a displenishing sale of farm machinery and equipment at Bullinons Farm, Fife, KY12 8LG
  • Saturday, April 7 - C&D is holding a sale of poultry, caged birds and equipment atLongtown Mart
  • Monday, April 9 - CCM is hosting a show and sale of dairy cattle at Skipton Auction Mart
  • Tuesday, April 10 - Hereford Market is hosting the annual Hereford spring sale on behalf of the Hereford Cattle Society at Hereford Market


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