April showers bring May flowers or so I hope!

One swallow doesn't make a summer, but I'll settle for a spring! They've returned to our barn, so that always gives me a lift. It feels like the temperature dial has gone up a notch and it definitely is starting to green up, although our grass desperately needs a turbo boost, let's hope last week's spread of fert does just that! Everyone is saying there's a heat wave coming....we live in hope!

Stock is way behind where it should be. I had confirmation of my Royal Highland show entries last week, however, I've not even clipped the Suffolk show selection team as it's simply been too cold. Condition wise they are miles from the mark. I'll push on with them and pray others will be in the same showring boat.

Hoggs have slipped back, someone reported they were back 60p/kg, on a 50kg lamb that's £30 down on last weeks trade! Having said that prices are still well up on last year. Recent prices were unsustainable and as we get to the tail end of the hoggs, quality will inevitably be down. Prime cattle prices have seen a lift at the beginning of this week with less numbers coming forward. The promise of spring and some grass growth is also helping keep the store cattle trade buoyant.
Sales coming up this week
  • Friday, April 20 – Bagshaws will be holding a major farm dispersal sale of more than 200 Simmental suckler cattle and farm machinery and equipment at Benbrook Farm, Rugeley, WS15 4QS
  • Saturday, April 21 – Halls will be hosting the Perfection Collection sale of elite UK dairy cattle at Shrewsbury Livestock Market.
  • Saturday, April 21 – Newark will be hosting Limousin Day a collective show and sale of 246 bulls and breeding Females on behalf of the British Limousin Cattle Society at Newark Livestock Market 
  • Tuesday, April 23  – Kivells, in conjunction with Norton and Brooksbank,  will be hosting the Rockset dispersal sale of 300 pedigree Holsteins on behalf of Messrs R.J. and H.D. Hugo at Exeter Livestock Centre
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