Market numbers are light, so prices are up

Well, what a week of weather we had. The snow was unbelievable for many and our neighbours were saying they hadn’t experienced this amount of snow for decades. Despite suffering major losses of stock, many farmers were out burning up diesel clearing roads to help free up access to communities that were cut off with the snow  There was a tremendous community effort.

Our pet pigmy nanny goat Doris took badly over the weekend, which was a problem as the vet was unable to reach us with the snow. We bundled her up in the pickup and braved the roads to meet the vet on a petrol station car park. He suspected some sort of gut reaction which had triggered a vitamin B deficiency which then could have possibly caused the nervous disease CCN.

Appropriate drugs were given and we battled home and got her settled and under a heat lamp. After all that, the blummin' thing died within the hour! I very much doubt she’ll be missed by anything other than me on the farm, as she really ruled the roost and bullied and dunted everything in sight, dogs, geese, stock tups, the lot! Her kid, Kitty, doesn’t appear to be affected by the loss and seems happy enough playing with the Suffolk lambs. I’ll keep my eye out for a mate for her, as apparently goats do get lonely.
Many sales were postponed last week with the bad weather. Most pedigree sales have now been rescheduled, check out Auction Finder and this week’s Farmers Guardian to get up to speed.

The majority of the marts are back to normal this week although numbers are short in some places as people struggle with the aftermath of the snow.

Prime cattle and hogg trade have been strong, hogg prices in particular have soared this week, no doubt helped by the lack of numbers.

Sales coming up this week
  • Friday March 9 – BJP Marts will be holding its 'Famous Monthly Sale' of weaned calves, organic cattle and pigs suckler cows and stock bulls at Carmarthen Livestock Centre 
  • Saturday March 10 – Newark will be holding the English Premier Show and Sale of bulls and females on behalf of the Lincoln Red Cattle Society, the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society, the British Simmental Cattle Society and The Salers Cattle Society at Newark Cattle Livestock Market
  • Saturday March 10  – Graham Watkins will be holding its bi-annual collective sale of agricultural tractors, machinery and equipment at Heath House Farm ST13 7DQ
  • Tuesday March 13 – Leek Auctions will be holding a dispersal sale of 54 Holstein Friesians on behalf of Blaze Farm Partners at Leek Auctions