Limousins have a storming top trade of 70,000gns

We braced ourselves as storm Ophelia blew in at the start of this week causing disruption and damage. There were a fair few trees down and power cuts around us, but on the whole, we came off unscathed.

We scanned the Suffolks and 48 per cent had taken to the AI, a bit disappointing if I'm honest. General feedback I've had from other breeders is similar to myself. Not sure if it's down to the wet, inconsistent weather or what.

The top end Limousin bull trade was on fire at Carlisle at the weekend, topping at 70,000gns for Ampertaine Magnum from the McKay family, Northern Ireland, with averages significantly up on the year. 

The Balbithan herd of Charolais was dispersed at Sedgemoor setting a centre record of 17,500gns for the cow Balbithan Faith and a new breed record average of £8,550.65.

Blackface ram sales have kicked off, hitting £18,000 at Stirling for a shearling from the Calla flock of the Baillie family, Carnwath. The Mackay family, Otterburn, took £18,000 for a Blackie shearling which had taken the pre-sale championship at Hexham's annual sale.

Elsewhere, hill ram sales are well underway with a strong demand for the best, but in the prime ring, lambs are a sticky trade.

In contrast, prime cattle trade continues to be strong, which is no doubt fueling the store trade which remains good.  

It's the British Farming Awards this Thursday, where the Mart's the Heart winners are presented with their awards. If last year is anything to go off, it should be a good night. Maybe see you there.


Sales coming up this week...

  • Friday, October 20 - Nock Deighton is holding its annual St Lukes Fair prize show and sale of 400+ store cattle and 3,000 store/breeding sheep at Bridgnorth Livestock and Auction Centre
  • Saturday, October 21 - Penrith Auction Mart will be hosting an on-farm sale of machinery, implements and equipment on behalf of Messrs R. Cookson and Son at Winter Crag, Penrith, CA10 2NF
  • Sunday, October 22 - Day one of the three-day annual Stirling bull sales starts with over 760 registered bulls and females from the Aberdeen-Angus, Beef Shorthorn, Limousin, Simmental, Charolais and Salers cattle societies
  • Tuesday, October 24 Dispersal sale of the Grindsbrook herd of pedigree Holsteins will be held on behalf of G.J. and C.M. Elliott at Leek Auction


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