Oops!... I impulse bought at the poultry and rare breed sale in Carlisle.

It’s certainly feeling very autumnal, the days are waning, the air is cooler and the leaves on the trees are on the turn.

I had a fun day on Saturday at the poultry and rare breed sale in Carlisle with the intention of buying a few replacement hens and ducks. I got carried away on an impulse buy and came away with a pigmy nanny goat and kid. Let’s just say the husband is coming around slowly to the idea!

The mart was packed with folk dashing from ring to ring. There was strong trade for Kerry Hills in particular, with a shearling ram topping at £2,900.  Dexter cattle went down well, topping at £2,600 for a bull and waterfowl trade was unbelievable, with a pair of white call ducks selling for £650. You wouldn’t want the fox getting at them!

Elsewhere, sheep sales are in full swing. Mule gimmer lamb trade seems fairly similar to last year. Ram buyers can afford to be selective as there is plenty of choice, but there have been some decent sales over the last few weeks.

Prime lamb prices have taken a bit of a dive this last week so let's hope that starts to improve.

Fat cattle have also been back a few pence, but that doesn't seem to have affected the store trade too much.

Sales coming up this week
  • Friday, September 22 – A genuine dispersal sale of modern farm machinery and implements on instructions from Messrs P. Kemp and Son at Burnhill Green Farm, Wolverhampton, conducted by Halls
  • Saturday, September 23 – A Mart's the Heart-sponsored show and sale of horned and hill going sheep will be held at Gisburn Auction Mart
  • Monday, September 25 – United Auctions will be holding its September show and sale of 1,500 sucked calves
  • Tuesday, September 26 – Greenslade Taylor Hunt is hosting the dispersal sale of the Treludderow herd of 282 pedigree Holsteins to be sold at Sedgemoor Auction Centre


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