Kelso trade peaks at £23,000

The weather has been shocking. Wet is an understatement. I’m writing from Dairy Day at Telford, which is thankfully indoors.

I hope it stays dry for Westmorland Show on Thursday, where there are rumours of a Royal guest appearance.

This past week we’ve had a few ailments serious enough to get the vet out to treat. There was a calf which was under the weather, our Texel stock tup was off his legs having damaged his back fighting, and one of the best Beltex tup lambs was flat out with CCN. The latter looked like he really wouldn’t make it.

We brought him in from the field and, on top of regular vitamin B12 jabs, we started gently watering and giving him doses of energy drench. Slowly he started to rally and attempted to get up on his feet. We were forced to put in some sale tups with him that we were trying to dry off to dress which, in hindsight, proved to be just the tonic and the push he needed. Unbelievably he’s now up and trotting around happily.

We sold a mixed bag of shearling Texels, Beltex and Charolais along with a couple of Suffolk lambs at the breeding ram sale at Penrith. Overall we were pleased with a £400 average.

Kelso ram sales went well with trade peaking at £23,000, with the overall sale entry grossing over £3.1 million. Trade levelled at £709.63 for 4,452 rams sold, up £24.15 on the year. The Wight family had a terrific sale, topping both Texel and Bluefaced Leicester trade, with a £23,000 bid for their Texel shearling and £12,000 for a home-bred Bluefaced Leicester shearling.

Cattle trade is holding up well in the prime rings, but lambs are down a few pence once again, although the better quality are still making good money.

Hoping for a drier week!

Sales coming up this week
  • Friday, September 15 – H. and H. is holding a prize show and sale of 6,500 Swaledale gimmer lambs at Borderway Mart
  • Saturday, September 16 – A dispersal sale of breeding ewes, tractors, machinery and equipment will be held at Broadcroft Farm, Birmingham, on behalf of E.T. Jackson and Son, conducted by Halls
  • Monday, September 18 – Wright Marshall begins its two-day dispersal sale of the entire Newcross herd of Holstein dairy cattle on behalf of D.R. Manning at Beeston Castle Auction
  • Tuesday, September 19 – CCM will be hosting the second show and sale of Mule gimmer lambs on behalf of the North of England Mule Sheep Association at Skipton Auction Mart


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