Record breaking 27,000 gns made for a Beltex ram lamb

Well last week went in a whirl. 24 hours in Farming (#Farm24), last Thursday, was a massive success with a huge increase of farmer involvement spreading the positive word of farming.

Our two sows pigged. We have 20 piglets about the place who are full of inquisitiveness and are already keen to venture out on explorations!

Unpredictable weather is still causing a problem for many who have grass out in the field waiting to be lifted.

We didn’t do too badly being first in the ring selling our Beltex tups on Friday, we averaged just under £500. The sale was well attended and a new breed record for a Beltex ram lamb was set for Richard Wood’s ram lamb Kingledores Crusader which sold for 27,000gns.

A top price of 18,000gns was achieved for a cow at the on-farm dispersal of the Wyndford dairy herd. The sale levelled at a strong £1,730 per life.

While the weather might not be good for harvesting it has ensured there is plenty of grass about. I'm sure this is helping the store lamb and store cattle trade which both seem to be extremely strong, helped of course by good prices in the live ring.

Sales coming up this week
  • Friday 18th August – Newark will be holding a dispersal sale of Machinery, Equipment and mainly Beltex and Texel Sheep from the ‘Highglen Flock’ on
    behalf of the late PA Pollyn
  • Saturday 19th August – H&H will be holding the Blacknose Beauties sale
    on behalf of the Valais Blacknose Sheep Society UK
  • Monday 21st August – The Dispersal sale of the Arnott Pedigree Holstein
    Herd will be held on behalf of AR & J Whitlow on farm at Park Cottage Farm, Poulton Le Fylde in conjunction with H&H and NWA   
  • Tuesday 22nd August – C&D Auctions, Longtown, will be holding a show and sale of 7000 Cheviot Mule breeding sheep

Steph Ryder
Head of Commercial Sales & Development


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