Flying trade for January Blues

The weather was raw as heck at the back end of last week and then turned to constant drizzle. I felt for the hoggs wintering out, poor things.

I was at the British Blue sale last Friday, where trade was flying and the ringside was packed. The sale topped at 11,000gns for the last bull in the ring, Greystone Kellogs from J. and E. Coates. The overall bull average was 5,955gns.

The female reserve champion, Abington Liquorice, from Ian McGarva, topped the female trade at 4,200gns. Let’s see if the good prices carry over to Stirling bull sales next week.

In the prime rings, cattle have seen a bit of a lift at the beginning of the week with lower numbers forward. Hogg trade remains very mixed, with better quality in-spec sheep a good trade. Heavy hoggs are pushing the averages down and farmers are being warned not to let them get too big and fat before selling.

Sales coming up this week
  • Friday, February 3 - First Candlemas Fayre of 1,000+ store cattle at Frome Market.
  • Saturday, February 4 - McCartneys is holding a sale of horses, tack and tools at Brecon Market.
  • Saturday, February 4 - Sale of farm machinery, vehicles and agricultural miscellanea at Ruthin Farmers Auction Mart.
  • Monday, February 6 - Dispersal sale of Zwartbles sheep at Beeston Castle Auction Mart.

Maybe see you at Stirling
Steph Ryder
Head of Commercial Sales & Development


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