Strong pedigree in-lamb trade continues

Well we are lambing! The AI'd ewes and embryos are underway. It always starts off as optimistic and exciting when you see some decent lambs born, however, I have learned never to count my chickens. I

was pulled up sharp when attempting to lamb the biggest lamb I've ever had in my life. I had a right panic as one of the lamb's legs was right back and, of course, no-one was at hand to help. The vet was called out and a caesarean was done. All turned out well in the end, but I thought I'd killed the bloomin' thing! I wouldn't mind, but the ewes were left outside until the last minute and certainly not overfed, so such a large lamb is a freak occurrence, especially when compared to the other newborns.

No news on our dog which went missing I'm afraid: hopes are fading, sadly. We were lucky to have had such a little cracker of a dog in our lives for the past six years. She'll be very much missed by all our family. 

There was a strong in-lamb ewe trade at Carlisle last Friday, with a Beltex gimmer from Ted Fox making 8,500gns and a Texel gimmer from the Sportsmans flock making 6,800gns, so there seems to be plenty of optimism in the sheep world at the moment.

Most markets have now had their Christmas primestock shows and sales and there have been some really good prices. This week's magazine is packed with sales from all around the country, so make sure you take a look.

Sales coming up this week
  • Friday, December 16 - Sale of 200 dairy cattle at Exeter Livestock Centre.
  • Friday, December 16 - 'The Christmas Lights' sale of pedigree Texel females at Llandovery Market.
  • Saturday, December 17 - 400 store cattle at Leek Auction Mart.
  • Tuesday, December 20 - Prize Christmas show and sale for the Bryan Challenor Cup, to be held at Shrewsbury Livestock Market.

All the best. 

Steph Ryder
Head of Commercial Sales 


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