Barking mad sheepdog trade at 14,100gns

The warm weather continues, much-needed grass is growing nicely, and the woods are full of bluebells. Unfortunately, the weeds are taking off too, so we’ve been out spraying.

The pups are benefiting from the sunshine and we've set up a run in the field for them to use up some of their energy and mischief. They are being advertised in this week’s paper. It’ll be sad to see them go, but you never know, they could be future price record breakers like we saw with the 14,100gns sheepdog sold at Skipton mart on Friday. I am tempted to keep one, however, my husband goes deaf when the subject arises!

Balmoral Show was superb last week. The weather was kind, folk were friendly and quality of stock high, with a British Blue winning the beef inter-breed and Charollais winning the sheep inter-breed. I did come away a tad concerned that my show sheep aren't nearly as strong as some I saw in the ring.

Charolais trade was a tad sticky in parts at the weekend, however, top price of 14,000gns was made for a Goldies Bull at Carlisle.

Prime cattle trade has seen a bit of a lift, at least for steers and heifers in the last day or two,so let's hope that continues. Spring lamb averages have seen a sharp drop this week as numbers increase but a lot of markets are still making good price of the best. Surprisingly there has been an improved dairy trade, with several auctioneers surprised just how good it has been. Read this week's paper for all the reports.

Some sales coming up this next week:
  • Friday, May 20 – Bletsoes is holding a dispersal sale of a horse feed manufacturer to include a coarse mix plant, augers, storage and bulk bins, at Nene Milling, London Road, NN29 7LT.
  • Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21 – Spring show and sale of pedigree British Blue cattle at Borderway Mart, Carlisle.
  • Saturday, May 21 – Northern spring show and sale of Longhorn cattle at Beeston Castle.
  • Tuesday, May 24 – A Mart's the Heart - supported show and sale of spring lambs at Clitheroe Auction Mart.
Maybe see you at Beef Expo.

Steph Ryder
Head of Commercial Sales & Development


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