Sunshine helps ewe and lamb trade

Unbelievably more snow at the weekend… our poor lambs. However, since then, we’ve enjoyed a few lovely spring-like days… bliss.

The puppies are becoming even more endearing. They’ve just started to open their eyes and are looking less guinea pig-like.

The piglets are taking over! They are wriggling under gates and literally everywhere they shouldn’t be. Their charm is wearing thin on my husband, especially when he found two sprawled out in the sheep feed.

I attended an NFU EU debate last week in the hopes of having a clearer understanding of implications and facts of staying in or coming out. There was a really good turnout of farmers, more than 150. Sadly though, I left none the wiser.

Better weather is good news for everyone and seems to be helping the ewe and lamb trade and encouraging store cattle buyers as grass starts to grow.

Sheep trade is holding up but not much good news on the prime cattle front. But in spite of the doom and gloom in the dairy industry, the dairy breeding bull sale at Carlisle had an excellent trade peaking at 5,000gns and the Reyden dispersal at Cirencester topped at 5,400gns. 

Some sales that are coming up:
  • Friday, April 22 – Mart's the Heart-supported sale of pedigree Simmental cattle, including ‘The Leading Ladies’ at Borderway Mart, Carlisle.
  • Saturday, April 23 – Barbers hosts an on-farm sale of tractors, trailers and various milking, feeding, arable and livestock equipment on behalf of Friend Farms, Oakley Park Farm, Market Drayton, TF9 4AH.
  • Saturday, April 23 – Sale of pedigree Longhorn, Blonde and White Park cattle at Worcester Market.
  • Tuesday, April 26 – Mart's the Heart-supported spring lamb show and sale at Brockholes Auction Mart.
Enjoy the sunshine.
Steph Ryder
Head of Commercial Sales & Development



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