Quality still in demand although all sectors under pressure

Rain, rain, bloomin' rain. Poor lambs out in the fields seem to spend their new life huddled up again walls and under the hedges. In-between showers we managed to put some fertiliser on our fields, all we need now is some sunshine and heat in the ground to get the grass growing. 

Fluke seems to be rife with such a mild, wet winter, so we've been extra diligent fluking the stock. Only a handful of lambers left, thank goodness, however the births keep coming from all directions with our sheepdog bitch joining in and producing nine pups this morning… Pups and piglets, we’ll never get anything done as both prove to be great time wasters!

We sent some more killing ewes to market and prices exceeded expectations, topping at £140 and averaging £125. Let me tell you there'll be nothing getting a second chance around here while prices are holding up! Things still looking bleak on the dairy front with more and more dispersal sales, although demand for better quality cattle is still there, as was shown at the dispersal of the Weavermos herd which peaked at 3,500gns. Prime cattle trade is still depressing and might just be starting to have an impact on the store trade, although this is still relatively buoyant and breeding cattle continue to sell well. Trade was good at this week's Mart's The Heart sale of pedigree Herefords which peaked at 9,000gns for the male champion.

Some sales coming up this next week:
  • Friday, April 8 – Mart's the Heart-supported spring show and sale of store cattle at Otley Market.
  • Saturday, April 9 – Spring machinery sale at Brockholes Arms Auction Mart.
  • Saturday, April 9 – Limousin Day official society show and sale of pedigree and commercial British Limousin cattle at Newark Livestock Mart.
  • Tuesday, April 12 – Sale of 88 JCB machines by AMS Auctions on behalf of J.C. Bamford Excavators held at Lakeside Works, Rocester, Staffs, ST14 5JP.
  • Tuesday, April 12 – Dispersal sale of the pedigree Dymock herd for N.O. & C.F. Sprackling at Ty Mawr Farm, Dingestow, Monmouth, NP25 4DZ.

Steph Ryder
Head of Commercial Sales & Development


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