New breeding cattle record cracked at Cockermouth this week

The inclement weather over the Easter weekend has put the pressure on folk that are lambing. One day it's glorious sunshine, then the next it's snowing! We had a lamb that was frozen the other day, however, after a couple of hours in front of the Aga and the use of our dogs Christmas jumper, it soon rallied round. 

The pigs are running riot into everything but you can lose time just watching their funny antics.

Beef trade is still struggling for various reasons, however, I continue to be disappointed at the lack of positive red meat marketing. On the run up to Easter, whilst there has been more promotion for lamb, anger and frustration has been shown by farmers on social media regarding supermarkets pushing in store British branded lamb, yet only imported, cheap lamb is seen for sale on their shelves. They should be ashamed.

The poor finished beef price doesn't seem to be deterring store cattle buyers who are out in force but they must be hoping the weather improves to get their purchases turned out soon. Likewise, ewes and lambs are a good trade but again some better weather would encourage buyers. Hogg numbers are now on the downward trend but the price seems to be holding up even though there are a few more spring lambs in the markets. Breeding stock seems to really be in demand, with a new record set at Cockermouth mart for a Limousin cross cow making £5,200. Ruby Red Devon females at Sedgemoor auction centre were also well sought after.

Some sales to look out for this week:
  • Friday, April 1 – Spring equestrian sale including Shetland ponies at York Auction Market.
  • Saturday, April 2 – Dispersal sale of tractors, trailers, machinery and livestock equipment on behalf of AC & CA Brookes, Haw Street Farm, Dursley, GL11 5AY. Sale by Voyce Pullin.
  • Saturday, April 2 – Sale of 1000 finished and store hogs and geld ewes at Gisburn Auction Market.
  • Tuesday, April 5 – Mart's the Heart-supported second catalogued store sale at Melton Mowbray Market.
  • Tuesday, April 5 – Mart's the Heart-supported spring show and sale of pedigree Hereford cattle at Hereford Market
Steph Ryder
Head of Commercial Sales & Development


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