Beltex beat the floods

Last weekend, on a freezing cold, wet Sunday morning, we had the rest of our pedigree sheep scanned. The ewes scanned at 150 per cent which we were pleased with. 

There are just a couple of Suffolks left to lamb now. We had a surprise Texel lamb appear when we were checking the outdoor ewes. She must have been caught by a tup lamb prior to weaning. It’s a little cracker. Shame we won’t be able to register it, as working out its parentage may prove somewhat difficult!

In the pedigree sales, Beltex breeders met a good trade at Chelford selling to 4,300gns, with Stuart Wood presumably glad he made the journey from Aberdeen. Carlisle's in-lamb Texel sale saw a 3,500gns top.

In the commercial world, the prime hogg trade does seem to be holding up at a pretty reasonable level, but dairy cattle have taken another dip, with even the best often several hundred pounds less than a year ago. As one auctioneer commented - 'a combination of poor milk price, late farm payments and the weather, are all testing farmers’ resolve', and the betting is on the weather improving first!

Some sales coming up this week:

  • Friday, January 15, sale of 300 suckler-bred continental cross store cattle at Knighton Market.
  • Saturday, January 16, on-farm sale of tractors and implements on behalf of R.L. Richardson, Fieldgate, Cumbria CA10 2QU. Sale by Penrith Auction Mart.
  • Saturday, January 16, store cattle, pigs, sheep and goats on sale at Selby Auction Mart.
  • Monday, January 18, the January dairy cattle show and sale at Lancaster Mart.


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