What will be better in 2016 – weather or stock prices?

This unseasonably warm weather isn't something I'm liking at all, and like most folk, I'm sick to the back teeth of this blooming rain.

It’s been a week of ups and downs. The retained hoggs were fluke and vitamin drenched at the weekend and considering the wet weather, they’re not looking too bad.

We’re in the throes of lambing the Suffolks which held to AI. At one point I have to admit I could have thrown the towel in and sold the lot after a disastrous 24 hours in the lambing shed. I'm over it now - it’s amazing what a night’s sleep and a couple of decent lambs can do to rally your optimism and enthusiasm.

I'm finding it hard to believe Christmas is at the end of this week! I’m sure most people like us will be pushing on to get as much feeding up and scraping out done before the big day. I plan to toddle out between copious amounts of turkey and the odd glass, to check on the lambs and lambers, but that will be it!!.

If you’re dairy farming of course, it’s business as usual either end of the day, and unfortunately at present, with little reward for the effort. But even those who have decided to get out, it is only the better end of fresh calvers which are making anything like decent money, and most dairy auctioneers will tell you it is an uphill job selling anything 'run of the mill'.

A few sales coming up over the next week or two are:
Have a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

Steph Ryder
Head of Commercial Sales & Development, Farmers Guardian


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