Record 10,000gns weaned calf

Well the weekend was eventful with one of our best Simmental calves looking like it has taken a kick in the mouth, unfortunately breaking its jaw. The best part of Saturday night was spent with the vet stitching and tying it back in place! Unbelievably he is sucking again, so fingers crossed he makes a full recovery.

We brought the lambing ewes inside and not a moment too soon as on Monday night a ewe carrying triplets lambed. A few days early, but all alive and well thankfully.

The pedigree in-lamb sales I attended saw fair trade, anything decent making good money. Particularly strong trade was seen for Beltex ewe lambs and in-lambers at Carlisle, where they reached 1,900gns and 2,500gns respectively.

The Red Ladies sale saw trade topping at 24,000gns for a young cow, in-calf again, and a very smart weaned bull calf made 10,000gns. I'd say trade overall was firm throughout, with a clearance of almost 90 per cent. The prime lamb trade seems to be up and down depending where in the country you are – so best not to comment further!

Sales coming up:
  • Friday, December 18, The Christmas Lights pedigree Texel sale at Llandovery Market
  • Monday, December 21, Skipton's annual Christmas sale of dressed poultry
  • Tuesday, December 22, sale of primestock, from 7am, at Longton auction market
Hope you manage to find time to get all your Christmas shopping done!
Steph Ryder

Head of Commercial Sales & Development, Farmers Guardian


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