Beef under pressure, will Christmas trade improve things?

I think our hens are at risk of trench foot and our sheep at risk of being washed away with this horrendous weather! What a wet, wet week where our river levels have been worryingly high.

Away from flood concerns, we said goodbye to the latest batch of piglets. It’s always sad to see them go, however, their latest adventure (which ended up in next door’s front room) was the last straw and the signal that perhaps they were best away! Prices were a bit disappointing, making £1.20 per kilo  hardly worth it for all the hassle involved in completing the movement declaration online which nearly finished me off! 

Store lamb prices remain strong, which surely is an indication that there are expectations prime lamb values will increase in price soon? Early signs this week are fat lamb prices have indeed continued to creep up – an SQQ of 173p/kg I understand at Bakewell, for example. That’s about 20p up on the week!

Meanwhile, the beef market is under pressure again, with plenty of meat from abroad, skins worth less and abattoirs’ waste disposal charges increasing again.

Sales to look out for this week:
  • Thursday, November 19, evening show and sale of Suffolk sheep at NWA, Kendal.
  • Friday, November 20, farm displenishing sale of tractors and more at Lanark Agricultural Market.
  • Friday, November 20, Fox Bennett’s on-farm auction of beef cattle and machinery – High Leys Farm, LE6 0HA.
  • Friday, November 20, Three Nations Suffolk females at Borderway, plus Charolais bulls and females.
  • Sunday, November 22, sale of rare and minority breed poultry, waterfowl, cage birds and equipment at Longtown Mart.
I’m at the Lake District Livestock judging evening this Thurday evening at Penrith mart, so maybe see you there.

Steph Ryder
Head of Commercial Sales & Development, Farmers Guardian


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