Mart's the Heart award winners announced this week...

Well, October has proved to be the best month of the year on the weather front I reckon. We had a rare break from home over the weekend to attend a wedding. We scrubbed up well I thought, until I noticed one of my hands had the faint tinge of green from where we had used terramycin spray the evening prior on a tup’s foot – maybe I’m starting a new fashion – in the lambing months they are usually yellow from iodine!

We scanned the Suffolk flock this week. The AI success rate proved disappointing, with only 44 per cent in-lamb, but with 80 per cent scanned in-lamb overall, we know the tup’s working. The remainder could well be, it just might be too early to say. We’ll throw the Texel ram in now to mop up!
Sales to look out for this next week are: Friday’s Mart's the Heart annual prize show and sale of Limousin crosses at Hexham and Northern Marts; Friday and Saturday, October 16 and 17, it’s the two-day show and sale of Limousins at Carlisle.

On Saturday, October 17, Sennybridge Mart has a sale of working sheepdogs. Also on Saturday, NWA Kendal has a late autumn sale of all classes of breeding sheep.
It’s Stirling Bulls sales at the start of next week, don’t forget! Sales this last week have seen a new record for Rough Fells and Derbyshire Gritstones and a cautious trade for Limousins at Newark. Lamb buyers are certainly remaining cautious, with the trade having taken another dip this week, and the cull cow trade is not looking too bright at all either.

The Mart's the Heart Awards were judged last week – a tough job for the three involved. We’ve been blown away the amount of votes received – going on for 5,000! The winners will be announced in this week’s Farmers Guardian and on the Mart's the Heart website
While we are on awards - it’s the British Farming Awards this Thursday evening, I may see you there!


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