Lightning in the sky but not in the dairy trade

With a few exceptions at the high end of the pedigree market, the dairy trade is now really beginning to react to the continuing downward pressure on milk prices, with one auctioneer saying the value of decent milky animals is now back at 2006 levels. Good job their calves are worth more.
The past week between the spectacular lightning displays, we've been pushing on making our new home fit for humans. Other than a handful of bulls, most of the stock is now in situ and settled in. The hens are obviously happier as they are laying well. The last trailer load consisted of pigs, the hand-reared calves and a few pet lambs - it was like loading the ark!

We launched our Mart's the Heart awards on Friday and, over the weekend, the nominations have already started to come in. Pleaseclick here to show your support to the marts and let us know who's got your bid.

Good luck dodging the showers!


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