Flying trade for NI Herefords

More up washing this week-the end is in sight thankfully. We've been Texel tup shopping too. We
got fixed up eventually, although our first, second and third choices were above our budget.

Quality animals made decent money and overall trade felt reasonably good. We were happy with what we brought home, good skin and head and a knack for escaping – managed to exit the field twice already – so keen to work. Saturday night was spent inseminating our Beltex and Texel ewes – most normal folk go to the pub.

Wool is back 20p, I understand this is down to the overseas market falling back, hopefully everybody has got their bags away.

In the live markets, prime cattle seem reasonably stable, but there has perhaps been a little bit of caution in some store sales. Caution was set aside by the looks of it by pedigree breeders attending the Dorepoll Hereford sale in Northern Ireland where the sale saw a top price of 8,000gns for a bull.

Lambs have been back a few pence in prime markets but store lambs continue to average a shade above £50.

Some markets also seem to think the edge has just gone off the cast cow trade – albeit it might be a blip - but what many are now saying loud and clear, is that farm assurance is becoming a must for this trade, with the price gap widening between assured and non-assured cows.

Sales coming up this week: Two Mart's the Heart sales on Thursday. Welshpool Mart has its muliti-breed pedigree ram sale and Hawes Mart have their annual prize show and sale of Bluefaced Leicester rams and females. On Friday, October 2, Hobbs Parker is hosting its Mart's the Heart show and sale of Romney sheep and Sussex cattle. Kirkby Stephen’s two-day Mart's the Heart special sale is scheduled for October 2 and 3. Swaledales will be sold on Friday, with ewes and shearlings, and on Saturday gimmer lambs will be on sale.

Voting closes this Friday for the Mart's the Heart awards. We’ve been swamped with entries, obviously there’s some serious support out there for our marts and auctioneers. If you haven’t got round to voting yet for your favourite mart café or auctioneer, please go to

The weather forecast is unseasonably warm, so enjoy the Indian summer!


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