Europe’s biggest sheep market lives on!

Good to hear that Longtown market will survive, but unfortunate news for share holders.

This week we’ve been on with the important job of weaning our lambs. It’s good to see how they're turning out and to select the ones we will keep for breeding. I went to the Tweeddale British Blue dispersal sale on Friday. What cracking trade they had. The ring was packed out with some well-known breeders and some new buyers. It’s sad to see a dispersal, but on the other hand, it’s good for the breed when established bloodlines are spread throughout the country, giving new buyers opportunities to build on solid foundations. Embryos saw unbelievable prices – I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to take such an unknown gamble!

Speaking of gambles, some of the store lamb sales have seen a pretty fair trade considering the state of the prime market – which has shown no improvement  so I hope there is a decent margin at the end of the day for all those buyers.

Some sales coming up this week are: Saturday, September 29, Top Farm, Derbyshire, Eaton and Hollis will host a dispersal sale of tractors and equipment. There are a few sales on Bank Holiday Monday. One of which is at Penrith auction mart, which has a commercial suckler herd sale from W.Richardson and Son, and another is Paul Slater’s Whiteley Hey flock production sale at NWA, Kendal. On Wednesday, September 2, there's a Mart's the Heart first anniversary sale of 150 dairy cattle at Holsworthy livestock market.

I plan to go to the Whiteley Hey sale, so maybe see you there!


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