UK Dairy Day

I went to UK Dairy Day last week. What a well-supported event, both from farmers and exhibitors. It’s only in its second year and may well outgrow its venue if it hasn't already!

We've been doing the usual stock jobs at home. We've split off the tup lambs we’re keeping for shearlings and put them out to new pasture after worming and multi-vitamin dosing. We are also on with flushing a couple of our best Beltex ewes, so we’re hopeful we’ll get a few grade A embryos to help improve quality and increase numbers.

I hear ram trade was rather selective at Builth last Monday. But if you’re a breeder of Valais Blacknose sheep you’re on the right track – 4,000gns for a ewe carrying twins at Carlisle last Saturday! The pig trade for weaners there was not looking too bad either.

There does not seem to have much movement either way in prime lamb values, and the beef trade is running at a reasonable level – but we know one "shadowy" person who is not likely to be doing her bit for beef consumption – or anything else on two or four legs for that matter!!

Sales to look out for this week are: Friday’s Mart's the Heart annual show and sale of bullocks at Lancaster auction mart. Saturday, September 26, the pedigree sheep day at H&H which includes Texels, Roussin, Hampshire Downs and Blue Texels. Also, this Saturday is the Paul Rackham collection dispersal auction of vintage and classic tractors. The sale is being held at Camp Farm, Roundham, Norwich, and will be hosted by Clarke and Simpson and Cheffins.

On Monday, September 28, there's a Mart's the Heart store cattle sale at Bryncir auction centre.


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