At least some Beltex breeders are in the money

A pretty positive week I’d say. The countryside around us looks like a patchwork quilt of various colours, so we weren’t the only ones lucky enough to get their haylage and straw baled and inside!
And last Friday, our good luck held. Although our Beltex shearling tups were the last ones through the ring at the Carlisle sale, we got them all away, managing a very respectable average of 680gns. Trade was strong for tup lambs, females and shearling tups, and a top shearling price of 16,000gns... Let me tell you, if I ever sold something for that price, I’d probably faint!
It’s great to see stock enjoying a bit of consistent sunshine on their backs, and to keep us smiling, we had a duck turn up with six ducklings!

As I suspected last week, there does now seem to have been some movement in the price which some retailers are paying their processors for liquid milk, but there has been little news on producer prices. And anyone who can predict prime lamb prices from one week to the next – no, one day to the next – is very clever.

Tomorrow, don't forget to get involved in 24 Hours in Farming. This highlights the fabulous, fun, and varied work that folk do in British farming. For more information, I’ll be sending a video of sorts to


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