Prime lamb price up….is it a blip?

The summer continues to be a big fat disappointment here in the north. Many folk are waiting to crack on with making hay and combining but, unfortunately, the weather is just against us.

Protests over prices paid for milk and lamb continue as farmers frustration and anger levels rise. Why is this being allowed to happen to our industry? The public just aren’t being given the positive messages about UK agricultural produce, meanwhile these sectors of the industry are going to hell in a handcart. Surely the farming unions could do more for their subscription paying members?

Frustrating and challenging though life is, like others we are trying to stay optimistic by focusing and getting ready for the sales ahead and telling ourselves it will get better! Actually, prime lamb prices have been a little better in many markets this week – hopefully it’s more than a blip.
Sales to look out for this week are: Thursday's Mart's the Heart annual young handlers show and sale of prime lambs at Longtown mart. On Friday, August 7, it’s Shrewsbury market’s August collective machinery sale. On Saturday, August 8,Sedgemoor Auction Centre is holding a special catalogue sale of 1,200 continental cross breeding ewes, and on Monday, August 10, there’s an organic beef herd on-farm dispersal sale. Held at Colbrans farm, Laughton, near Lewes, East Sussex, and hosted by South East Marts.

Maybe I’ll see you at Longtown mart – I’ll be the 'non-young handler'!


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