Will low lamb prices affect commercial tup values?

That’s it, the major shows are now over and we have gone straight into the important job of inseminating our pedigree Suffolk ewes. To give them the best chance of holding while they are out at grass, we supplement their diet with beet pulp and flushing supplement buckets to keep up their energy levels. Fingers crossed, we’ll experience a decent percentage hold.
Folk are focusing on getting stock ready for the forthcoming tup sales. Our first sale is mid-August, so we are pushing on our Beltex tups in an attempt to get them fitter. Frustratingly, we are the last lot in – we need a plan B!

With prime lamb prices in the doldrums, it could unfortunately temper some commercial buyers’ interest in the tup sales – the recent Suffolk sale at Shrewsbury being one example. Although commercial were willing to pay for quality, they were cautious about buying in volume.


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