Tight prime cattle number keep trade stable

Tight numbers of finished cattle are ensuring the price remains stable, with some markets reporting a significant lift in trade.

Last week's rise in the lamb price has proved unsustainable as bigger numbers are now hitting the markets - although some centres are still reporting a good trade for the smaller, better quality lambs.

A rather manic week, between even more sheep clipping, we've been getting the Suffolk sheep ready for the Great Yorkshire Show. The show, as usual, was really well attended. The weather was kind and Prince Charles and Camilla made an appearance too.

I was absolutely delighted to get first with our ewe lamb, another first with the untrimmed tup lamb, second with the ewe and to top it all we got reserve male champion - I've not stopped smiling!

Chapelford Holstein pedigree herd at Broughton market, and there is a farm sale through Border Livestock of arable machinery, vehicles, implements and workshop equipment. Maybe see you next week at the Royal Welsh Show.


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