Primestock prices continue to go in the right direction

On the sale front, it seems prices at auction are at last beginning to go the right way for primestock, both woolly and otherwise, and there is clearly confidence in beef if you look at calf prices.
With the good spell of weather, we’ve managed to fit in more clipping, a batch of 40 hoggs this time. Our sheep are getting eaten up at home, so we’ve been worming and treating the odd lame one before moving them to new pasture.

One of our favourite Beef Shorthorn cows calved a good, strong heifer calf. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but with good long pull, we had a safe delivery!

Sales coming up this week are: Thursday's anniversary sale of 250 store cattle at Hereford market; also on Thursday,Wharfedale Farmers has a dispersal sale of tractors, JCB machinery tools and sundries; and on Tuesday, June 23,Sedgemoor Auction Centre has a dispersal sale of the Kington Magna herd of 206 pedigree Holsteins.

It’s the countdown to the Royal Highland Show and after seeing pictures on Facebook of other exhibitors' sheep, I’m now starting to wonder if this was such a good idea! Maybe see you there.


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